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Melissa Pierre-Louis Peoples is a Six Sigma certified process improvement expert. She currently works as a Performance Manager where she is responsible for the day-to-day management of the performance management system and quality control activities. She uses numbers and analytical skills to oversee productivity.  She promotes continuous improvement and growth in business workflows as well as in employees. Melissa has a passion to inspire and empower those she works with. She has lead teams as a Supervisor, managed projects as a Business Analyst, and developed training programs as a Business Operations Specialist. She has often been accused of “Kaizen-ing” at home too.

In 2015, Melissa entered a new personal life journey after her husband’s sudden passing of a heart attack. As a young widow and single mother to a young son, Melissa learned first-hand that grief is a process. In addition to learning a new normal, she soon understood that this process impacted every person differently and on their own personal schedule. With few resources found for young widows to figure out life, grieving while single parenting, and all that comes with life transitions, Melissa began blogging with Hope for Widows Foundation. As a blog writer with Hope for Widows, the hope is that in sharing her journey, that she may be able to help not only other widows, but any person undergoing a transition in life. Grief is a process but moving forward is an opportunity.  Ultimately, Melissa hopes to provoke thought, share ideas, and encourage you.